Kristi: The Real Estate Connector Crafting Success through Strategic Partnerships

In the world of real estate, where relationships are the bedrock of success, meet Kristi – the accomplished Executive Partnership Coordinator who thrives on building and nurturing robust connections.

With a wealth of experience in fostering relationships with industry leaders and partners, Kristi is a strategic powerhouse. Join us as we explore the extraordinary journey of Kristi, the driving force behind Plus One Real Estate's growth through innovative partnership strategies.

Kristi Haley

A Marketing Dynamo

With an ardor for real estate and a deep understanding of market dynamics, Kristi has a track record of achievements in formulating and executing impactful marketing initiatives and events. Her creative approach and keen understanding of industry trends set her apart.

The Strategic Thinker

As a strategic thinker, Kristi focuses on forging enduring partnerships that yield quantifiable results and mutual benefits. Her dedication to delivering inventive solutions and surpassing expectations is at the core of her role as an Executive Partnership Coordinator.

The Plus One Real Estate Difference

In her role at Plus One Real Estate, Kristi is on a mission to contribute her real estate expertise to drive growth and triumph. Her enthusiasm for building connections and forging meaningful partnerships is a driving force behind the company's success.

Kristi isn't just an Executive Partnership Coordinator; she's a real estate connector, a strategic mastermind, and a driving force behind Plus One Real Estate's success. Her ability to craft innovative partnership strategies and build lasting relationships sets her apart in the world of real estate.

Email: [email protected]